Cohort 01: Biology

Introducing the inaugural cohort of Ideas Matter fellows.

These 14 writers, selected from more than 520 applicants, will learn to share and grow bold ideas about biology.

Our fellows are regular contributors to WIRED magazine, investors at top venture capital firms, and lead scientists at biotechnology companies. Many of them already have substantial writing experience, or possess out-of-the-box ideas with revolutionary potential.

Fellows will explore everything from the use of biotechnology to diminish animal suffering, the historical contingencies of biosecurity policies, the formations of deep technology companies, and the ways in which organisms construct working models of their realities. Topics will span synthetic biology, biodefense, longevity, medicine, microbiomes, and more.

Cohort 01 runs from 8 January to 1 March, 2024.


Montreal, SynBio

Devon Stork

Boston, Synbio


Toronto, Biotechnology

Joseph Fridman

New York, SynBio


Berkeley, SynBio

Maggie Chen

Palo Alto, Longevity


Israel, Other

Patrick Malone

Washington D.C., Business

Sofia Sanchez

Mexico, SynBio

Stephen Skolnick

Switzerland, Microbiome

Sudeep Agarwala

Boston, Climate

Tessa Alexanian

Toronto, Biosecurity

Urte Laukaityte

Vienna, Placebos

Xander Balwit

Oregon, Animal Suffering